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Practical Application Advice (I)

It must be hard to stay optimistic when searching for a job! Here you stand, with all your qualities and experience. You KNOW you can do that so desired job that you’ve just applied for. But there it is again: the next rejection … Don’t despair, your time will come. When? That depends on your personal requirements, the way you present yourself, the match between you and the vacancy and well, probably also on some aspects you can’t control from where you stand! The important thing is to work on the things that you DO control!

In this job market it is very difficult to make a switch. Your best chances lie in applying for jobs that really fit your profile. True, these might not be the jobs that you would want to fulfil for the rest of your life. So try to hold a long-term view: try to find a job that fits NOW. Think about what you want in the future (say, in 2 to 5 years). Think about studies/training you may need to fulfil your future career aspirations and combine them with the job that fits you NOW.

When browsing through vacancies, try to visualize what they want. Found an interesting vacancy? Check whether you know anyone in that company. Make contact and collect all the information you need on the culture, the products/services, type of leadership, present activities etc. of that company. When applying, make it clear for the reader who you are, what you exactly did, what concrete results you’ve booked in your past jobs and what your distinguishing features are compared to others. Make relevant links between your qualities/competencies and information/ requirements of the company. Don’t repeat your CV in the letter, but ‘translate’ information from your CV into the language used in the vacancy.

Obviously your motivational letter should be structured, flawless, pleasant though concrete and concise (max 1 A4). Did you actually talk to someone in that company? Mention their name in your letter. Don’t forget to mention why you are specifically motivated for this company and this position. Take a personal approach without becoming too informal: always keep the company’s culture and their way of expressing themselves on their site and in the vacancy in mind. Most important: be honest and authentic!

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