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Leadership Assessments

You have found a candidate for an important position and now you want to find out whether his qualities and capacities meet the requirements within your organisation. How does this candidate make use of his personality to lead his team towards performance? How does he initiate change? Or how does he manage the processes needed to implement change? What is his level of energy and resilience? What is his style of influencing others?

An assessment quickly provides all the answers to selection questions. It focuses on the following areas:

  • intellectual qualities
  • personality
  • leadership style/management style
  • motivation
  • leadership skills.

We receive your candidates individually and personally: there are no examination rooms or large groups, just one candidate per day. The consultant guides the candidate during the entire assessment. You receive clear and definitive answers to your questions set out in a report, which you can expect to receive within a week. We discuss the report further with you personally. Assessments and reports carried out in English are also part of our available services.

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