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Leadership Development


You want to offer a competent employee a next step within your organisation. For both of you it is very important to find out what the chances of success are. For a new position will ask for different competences: leadership, strategic thinking, management, entrepreneurship. An assessment offers you insight in the (leadership-)potential, management qualities, weaknesses and learning potential of your employee. A concrete report, which presents you with clear statements of possibilities and limitations as well as advice concerning future growth, will be the basis for further development.The leadership development assessment offers:

  • analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • determination of style of leadership and/or management
  • determination of exploitable strengths and ability for learning profiles
  • advice concerning future development
  • consultation with executives regarding framework of possibilities


The career analysis requires one day and takes place at our office in Diemen. Your employee receives individual and personal guidance during the entire day from the consultant assigned to the analysis. The report containing the analysis results and conclusions is a guide and serves as a springboard for you and your employee to take further action. We discuss the conclusions and possible options in a personal consultation with you and your employee. 

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