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The behavior of a leader or manager needs improvement. It is necessary that he becomes aware of patterns and of the effects of his behavior on others. His repertoire of influencing abilities needs expansion. Unreal thoughts or inadequate behavior ask for a new approach. A sounding board helps to try out new lines of thought and new patterns of behavior.

A coach, with the right fit in qualities when it comes to the specific questions of the leader/manager, contributes to strengthening personal leadership.

We have a network of coaches at our disposal: depending on the developmental needs, we make the match between coach and coachee.

Individual coaching includes the following:

  • Intake discussion: determine the fundamentals of the problem and approach
  • Strengths and weaknesses analysis (optional)

5 to 10 coaching sessions directed at working towards a more effective behaviour

Group coaching is also an option. Supported by experienced coaches the leaders and managers function as mutal sounding boards. Themes are chosen within the group. Talking to peers, each of them with their own unique question, but nevertheless comparable, can produce solutions and insights. Furthermore, each participant brings a network. Talking together stimulates, clarifies and sets into motion.

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