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Mission and Vision Development


You have enjoyable and unpleasant aspects within your current career. On occasion you have experienced euphoric moments while you were working, found yourself in particular circumstances or met certain people who have made an impression. Wouldn’t it be lovely to collect all those wonderful moments together into a new profession!Together with a coach you can go on a journey - with or without fellow travellers - for that longed for desire. First, begin by daring to dream, then during the later stages, the realistic and no-nonsense practicalities can be mapped out. From dreams, to practical goal developments, to a new professional direction! This intensive and stimulating program, follows “The Path” method and includes the following:

  • Working with the use of a practical textbook and literature
  • 5 sessions (for the individual) or 4 part-days (group)

Group size 4-6 people.

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